Monday, July 13, 2015

True As Stainless Steel

If you walk into an Italian store or restaurant, don't be surprised if you happen to see something similar to the picture above. In fact, you may see it at a friend's house for dispensing water or even distilling some alcohol. Just know that you have witnessed the growing popularity of the Italian stainless steel container known as the "fusti". And thanks to the top fusti producer called La Nuova Sansone, these are readily available for customers outside of its homeland in Italy. Read on as we discuss who Sansone is, what NSF Certification is, the differences between seam folding and welding, the steel types used in the fustis and what pickling metal is all about.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

'Tis The Seasoning

When it comes to cooking, seasonings are a chef's best friend. A simple dish can be drastically changed with the addition of spices, and there are hundreds of varieties in the world to help make that happen. Spices can help bring out the potential of a a dish by giving it an aromatic flare as well as adding that special flavor needed to seal the deal for the best meal ever. Italy is home to some of the most sought after seasonings, and Ariosto is the top Italian producer in creating some of the most memorable blends in the market. This post will go into detail about Ariosto, a general overview of Italian seasoning & food and some suggested recipes on how to use these excellent spice blends.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Different Kettle of Fish

When shopping for fish, it is usually thought that the best fish is fresh from the fish market in the earlier hours of the morning. In order to get your hands on a highly prized fresh fish at such a place, you would need to be determined to get up early and beat the crowd as well as have a lot of money on you. Fortunately there are alternatives to this, and one of those is the canned gourmet seafood products available through companies like Frinsa, a Spanish seafood exporter. Hard to believe you can get gourmet food from a can? Read on as we discuss who Frinsa is, their principle and practice of farming seafood, what sustainability is, a breakdown of all Frinsa products and suggested recipes to go with each one.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What In Glazes?

If you ever happened to watch a show about cooking or hear conversations about cooking, you may have likely heard "being cooked with a reduction" thrown around here and there. Listening to that conversation without having any food knowledge, a person may think that it sounds like they took something away in order to make it. Interpreting that phrase, literally word for word, doesn't reflect its true meaning. Just as the title of this post states, so what in glazes does it mean? Join us as we go over the basics of what a balsamic reduction is, one of the top producers in the world for balsamic named Mussini, how reductions are made, how to make your own, and usage of this excellent condiment.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Nature's Candy

Grilled Carica with ice cream
One thing many people like to do on trips around the world is to partake in the exotic foods each country specializes in. Whether it be standalone items or a dish made up of various ingredients, eating uncommon foods is enjoyed by many people. Understandably there are a few people who are cautious in trying new things due to their looks, taste or smell which they are not used to. Fortunately, there are gourmet level foods that have characteristics which people can familiarize themselves with. Take, for instance, the gourmet fruits of Tamaya's Chilean Carica and Baby Pears. The former may sound alien to a good majority of people while the latter's name shares a similar name to the more common pear. But what exactly are these fruits? In this post we will discuss who produces these popular fruits, the origins and how the carica and baby pears are made, and lastly popular usage of these including how the vodka brand Double Cross incorporates using the baby pears with their popular vodka drink. Read on more past the break!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Risotto: The Marriage Of Rice & Italian Cuisine

Among the staple foods enjoyed world wide, rice is one of the most widely popular and highly consumed cereal grain. By way of trade and exportation through many centuries, rice is now common in many cultures and cuisines throughout the world. Although the majority of rice grown come from Asian countries, it can be relatively easily grown anywhere, especially in areas with high rainfall since rice cultivation requires an extensive amount of water. Risotto rice is a northern Italian rice dish cooked in broth ending up with a creamy consistency, and it is the most common way of cooking rice in the country. The Italian company Riso Bello is a leading producer of the top risottos you can find thanks to their extensive background and experience in this field. In this blog post, we will describe Riso Bello, the growing of rice, how to make risotto, and the different Italian risottos.